Mitra’s Hair salon

Mitra’s is a Hair Straightening Center offering the best quality, affordable, and latest trends in hair smoothing treatments including Brazilian Blow Out, Brazilian Keratin, Protein, Organic, Japanese, and Proaddiction.

Mitra takes pride in maintaining the latest trends in hair color processing including highlights, low lights, ombre, baylage, bleaching, root color matching, corrective coloring, tinting, and organic color formulas.

Mitra’s provides expert full facial and full body waxing and threading design. We offer a one year, unlimited use threading package that includes full face and eyebrow styling and shaping. One customer per package.

Mission Statement:

Mitra Hair Salon & Supply offers 30 years of beauty service experience reflected through the high quality standards we maintain in serving your entire family. We are wholly committed to our customers’ satisfaction and understand the spiritual relationship of beauty to your being.

Meet the Team

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